Monday, October 13, 2008

Should I stop lifting heavy when my goal is to burn fat?

Two things happen when you lift heavier - you burn more calories and you burn more calories longer after the lift. In other words, lifting 200 pounds 5 times will burn more calories than lifting 100 pounds 10 times, even though the workload is the same. This is because of the way your anaerobic system is taxed, changes to your heart rate, the way the body accumulates what is known as "oxygen debt" and how the body pays off that debt using EPOC (exercise post-oxygen consumption).

So if your goal is to burn more calories, a super-circuit at a quicker pace will actually burn less calories. Lifting hard and heavy will burn the most calories during the lift and keep your metabolism elevated the longest.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

What Exactly Is Cardio?

Cardio is really a modern term that has grown to replace aerobic exercise. To avoid the stigma of the aerobic craze of the 70s people switched to cardio when discussing it relative to fitness and strength-training programs to disassociate with the aerobics-only phenomenon.

Cardio is short for cardiovascular exercise which means really any exercise that benefits the heart. This used to be mainly aerobic training but now research suggests that weight lifting also benefits the heart - this is an example of a phrase that became popular before science could really validate it.

Aerobic exercise is any sustainable activity that utilizes oxygen (ergo the burning of fat) for a primary source of fuel. Weight lifting that is intense and in short duration will primarily use stored glycogen and the ATP-CP pathway (intramuscular energetics with creatine phosphate that - adenosine triphosphate or ATP is broken to adenosine diphosphate and this releases energy. To rebuild ADP to ATP, the CP is split, lending the extra phosphate moelcule needed for ADP to become ATP and thereby fuel another reaction).

Now, this definition is muddied because you can have weight training i.e. longer sets that actually use oxygen and are therefore more aerobic (take circuit training, for example, when people aren't using a heavy load). You can also have what is traditionally thought of as cardio i.e. sprints that can be anaerobic depending on the rest. If the heart rate is allowed to lower between the intervals followed by maximum output then you are more in the anaerobic/glycolytic range. If you are only doing intervals but the heart does not drop substantially then you are going to be in more of a cardio range.

Basically, and this is a nutshell, oversimplifying because I've already gotten quite technical, there are primarily three systems that fuel energy. ALL energy systems are used to some extent, but various activity will use more of one or the other.

Anything lasting just a few seconds is going to be primarily anaerobic and use the ATP-CP system. This includes weight lifting, where the reps last a few seconds and are maximal bouts of output. Active rest occurs between the repetitions and then actual rest occurs between the sets. Shot-put, 50 yard-dash, weight lifting, olympic lifting, power-lifting are all examples of this.

Anything lasting a few minutes is primarily the glycolytic system where lactic acid is utilized to generate energy. This would be prolonged bouts such as sprints, longer weight lifting sets, etc. Basketball (run down court, then stay at the court = submaximal bout followed by active rest), and Soccer are examples of this.

Anything beyond that first few minutes must utilize oxygen turnover and therefore you are in the aerobic zone. This would be longer runs, rowing, hiking, etc.

Now, keep in mind there is no black and white with this - you still cross over into multiple systems. The reason why HIIT is more cardio than, say, a 20 minute weight training session, is that in HIIT on the slower intervals you are still performing work. Your heart rate drops somewhat but doesn't drop a lot and therefore is still elevated in its output - this means that oxygen must fuel the process. On the other hand, in typical weight training, you are resting between sets which allows adequate recovery for the heart rate to slow while the muscle energetics replenish themselves.
A long weight training session with short rest and a lot of supersets is going to be aerobic at the same time as being anaerobic during the sets - you are anaerobic to explosively move the weight but because you are not allowing your heart rate to drop significantly between bouts of work the entire workout becomes more aerboic. Dave Draper was a huge advocate of this method of training and felt you could build muscle and stay lean or even burn fat simultaneously by supersetting a lot. Looking at his physique I don't doubt there is some validity there.

Hope that helps - if you really want to dig into the details just search on ATP-CP or muscular energetics and you can get some good primers. Of course, then you might be forced to look into the Krebs Cycle and other pathways of metabolism and discover just why it is a gross oversimplification for people to say "this exercise burns muscle" or "if you exercise on an empty stomach your body is forced to burn fat"

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Real Client Post From Our Social Site

Well . . . I did it! I officially admitted to another live human being that I am NOT happy with my current state of health AND that I don't seem to be able to do anything about it by myself! As I drove to my appointment with Total Health & Fitness consultant Rick Plenert, I felt as if I was going to my own execution!

But I wasn't prepared for what actually did happen. Rick sat and talked to me about my current health (please note: I said "health" not "weight"!). Next he weighed and measured me, and believe it or not I wasn't embarrassed or ashamed! Don't get me wrong . . . it was a REAL reckoning to see my statistics IN black & white, ON paper. But as I sat there with Rick looking at numbers that seemed gargantuan to me, I noticed a smile on Rick's face.

No, it wasn't a smirk! It wasn't a put-down! Rick was smiling because, as he explained, my "current condition" happens to be something that can be dealt with and managed with real, positive results. As he explained, most people see their current weight or health as something depressing and defeating. But by working with Rick and THF on a health program designed just for me, I will begin to learn the skills and information to put myself in my best possible condition! Suddenly, I noticed something I hadn't felt for a long, long time . . . HOPE!

So I'm sitting here with my 0.5 cup of cottage cheese and my 1 sm tomato (which happens to be one of my favorite treats!) and a binder that contains the beginnings of a new life for me. I REALLY want this. I'm going to give it everything I've got. And if you don't mind checking in from time to time to laugh and cry with me . . . and giggle along the way, I'd love to have you see how it works for me. Let me know how it is working for you, or if you'd like to see how THF could work for you!

You know, this doesn't feel like an execution after all . . . it may even be the beginning!

View Tracy's Page - click here

Friday, August 15, 2008

Egg whites or whole eggs?

Both. The yolk contains some fat, but fat is not the enemy - fat has a stigma attached to it from the decades of "low fat" advice that basically allowed the obesity and overweight levels in the U.S. climb so you can see how effective that advice was. Eggs are often hailed for their high quality of protein, but few people realize that these tests are with the whole egg. It actually loses value when you only eat the yolk. The yolk contains nearly half the protein, fats, and healthy antioxidants such as Vitamin E. Eggs from free range or grain-fed chickens are superior in quality.

Traditionally, the yolk was shunned for cholesterol diet, another old myth that is dying hard - for more information on why you needn't worry about the cholesterol in egg yolks, read this:

Harvard Article

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

How do I lose fat without losing lean mass and still gain strength?

There is often some confusion about lean mass. Most people look to lean mass religiously as muscle mass, which it is not. It is everything that is not fat, and this includes water and other items. Fat cells are composed of some water, so if you lose a large amount of fat, you will lose lean mass - but not muscle, as most would think, simply water weight.

I'm sure all of you are focused on muscle mass. Provided you stimulate the muscles through resistance training and don't lose weight too quickly, you can retain or even gain muscle tissue. The issue comes when people are impatient and want to lose at some marathon pace ... your body can only process so much fat per week, so when you push the limit beyond about 1 - 2 percent of your weight each week, you risk losing muscle mass in the process.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Total Health & Fitness Online Community

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new online community! This is an opportunity for everyone to post pictures, comments, and build an environment to help people succeed and educate others.

Click here to view and become part of our new online community. We'd love to see and hear from everyone.

Monday, July 14, 2008

What's the best way to get rid of "love handles?"

How to get rid of love handles? You need to lose weight. And twisting is not going to get rid of them. If anything, twisting will increase the size of your obliques, and make your love handles more pronounced.

The only way to get rid of love handles is to lose fat. There is no spot reducing. If you still have them, you still have fat to lose.

I know, I store fat in my love handles before anything else.

Fortunately, you've come to the right place to learn how to get rid of love handles.

Monday, June 16, 2008

How Do I Raise My Metabolism?

Train With Weights
Training with weights boosts your metabolism in a number of ways. Weight training itself has been shown to increase exercise post oxygen consumption (EPOC) - in other words, your metabolism may be raised for hours or even days after the session. Weight training is also the main way to stimulate the growth of muscle tissue.

Muscle tissue is metabolically active, so it requires calories even when at rest. Muscle tissue also helps increase the number of fat-burning enzymes and organelles in your body.

Supplement With Healthy Fats
Healthy fats are involved in the manufacture of hormones and repair of cell membranes in your body. With the right types of fats, your body can use these anabolically.
These processes require energy, so the fats may actually increase your metabolism despite the added calories you are consuming! You can add fats to your diet without increasing calories simply by increasing the percentage of calories from fats and then lowering the percentage of calories from carbohydrates or proteins.
Every Little Bit Counts

Believe it or not, simply changing some simple daily habits can have a huge impact on your metabolism. Do you play the game of driving around the parking lot for twenty minutes waiting for the perfect space to open? Instead, park at the edge of the parking lot and walk to your destination.
You'll probably get there quicker, and burn some calories along the way. Other metabolism-boosting activities include standing instead of sitting, taking stairs instead of elevators, and even fidgeting!

Don't Fear Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are not the enemy. Using the right types of carbohydrates can be a valuable tool for your metabolism.

For example, you may expend more calories consuming 20 grams of carbohydrate from lentils than 20 grams of carbohydrate from sugar. The lentils contain fiber and other nutrients that the body must work to extract, and therefore expends more energy. Look for fibrous, low-glycemic carbs and focus on unprocessed carbohydrates.

Fluctuate Calories

Zigzagging calories is by far one of the most effective methods for keeping your metabolism revved. Homeostasis is the action your body takes to "remain stable." In other words, if you drop your calories, your body will try to slow your metabolism in order to keep things the same.

By zigzagging calories, you may be able to thwart this mechanism. Some people zigzag day by day - for example, if their target is 2000 calories, they'll consume 1800 one day and 2200 the next. I prefer to consume low calories for a week or two, and then raise calories for a week, and then drop them again.

Increase Protein
Protein requires a complex chemical conversion by your body in order to be used as fuel. It takes up to 30% of the calories you consume to oxidize or use protein for energy.

For example, 100 calories of protein may take up to 30 calories to process. Therefore, increasing the percentage of calories in your diet that come from protein may help raise your metabolism.

Perform High Moderate Cardio
High intensity cardio, like weight training, takes you into the anaerobic zone of training. This, in turn, creates what is known as "oxygen debt." Even when you have concluded your exercise, the body is processing waste and recovering from the activity - and therefore keeping your metabolism elevated.

Increase Frequency Of Eating

Most bodybuilders are aware of this technique. Consuming food triggers digestion, and digestion requires calories. By eating more frequent, smaller meals, you continuously supply your body with nutrients while forcing it to digest and break down the foods. This, in turn, can have the net effect of raising your metabolism.

Eat Whole Foods

The calories that you burn during digestion are due to the need for your body to break down the foods. Your body must extract the fiber and nutrients, take chains of molecules and chop them into smaller versions to absorb them into your bloodstream, and perform a variety of tasks in order to assimilate foods.

When foods are processed, much of this work is done for you. For example, processed flour is ground into small pieces that the body can digest more quickly. This means your blood sugar rises faster and your body expends fewer calories processing the flour.

Whole grains, on the other hand, pack more nutrients, are higher in fiber, and force the body to work harder to use them as energy. Another advantage to eating whole foods is that many of the nutrients in these foods - such as vitamins and minerals - are cofactors in metabolic processes that your body uses to burn fat and build muscle.

Drink Cold Water

This tip is probably overrated. Your body will expend more calories trying to raise cold water to the temperature of your body, but the exact amount is debatable. It stands to reason, however, that integrating this habit with the other habits listed above can contribute to the greater goal of raising your metabolism.

Start Those Kids Off Healthy

Now that most of you have some ideas on how to stay healthy, let's focus on the kids.

Here are a few ideas on how to keep them healthy.

* Always eat breakfast.
* Eat more fruits and veggies.
* Eliminate sweetened drinks.
* Limit TV or computer time.
* Increase activity time. Get moving.
* Eat together and explain healthy food options.
* Be positive about food and its health potentials.
* Don't give the kids a hard time about weight, continue to educate.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Your Best You

Have you ever wondered what really makes you happy, energetic, and full of life?

Well NOW is your chance to feel all those things in a short period of time. Total Health & Fitness is your key to discover life and live the "healthy you".

We take the guess work out of losing fat and educate you on how to keep it off. You have never had a program work like this. Most people jump on the new fad diet or waste thousands on surgeries. We can save you money and get you to your fat loss goals. We guarantee you that you will see results and gain the power of success through reaching your goals and pushing yourself to become happy, healthy, and discover life.

Sign up for a FREE evaluation and start today. Click Here

Water Works for Weight Loss

Nothing quells the appetite like water, lots and lots of water. Start out with two quart bottles in the morning and carry one with you to work or wherever you go. If you like, divvy up the 64 ounces of water into eight (8-ounce) bottles or four pint (16-ounce) bottles to carry around with you all day.

Yes. You will have to make more frequent bathroom trips, but it is worth it. Drink your 64 ounces of water before dinner, if possible, so you're not up half the night going to the bathroom.

Water not only fills you up and lessens your appetite, it prevents those sugar cravings we all encounter when our blood sugar drops and we reach for cookies, candy, ice cream, fries or other high-calorie treats. Water also flushes out the system, rids the body of bloat and toxins and clears up the complexion.

Friday, June 6, 2008

New Top Form Supplements Blog Launched

Top Form Supplements, a leading health and fitness supplement company, officially launches its fitness supplement blog.

Together with Total Health and Fitness, Top Form Supplements helps individuals realize their health and fitness goals through the use of perfectly formulated health and fitness supplements. “This is a huge landmark for company as we realize the impact this blog has on our overall Internet presence,” says Mike Butler, President of Top Form Supplements. Through the Top Form Supplements blog, we are establishing an effective web marketing and social strategy by providing free fitness and health supplement information for our customers and the general public. Customers who subscribe will receive a weekly fitness and exercise tips and other offers from the Top Form Supplements online store.

Visit the Top Form Blog by clicking here

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

So what exactly does creatine do?

Think of your muscle cells as gas tanks and a workout as going for a drive. Creatine essentially fills the tank so you can go farther. 9 out of 10 people we work with drive until the tank is empty - in other words, they push themselves hard enough to really reach their limits - so creatine for them is well worth their money.

Buy Top Form Creatine

Saturday, May 10, 2008

How Do I Calculate Exactly How Much Muscle I've Gained?

You cannot calculate your muscle gain, short of having a biopsy. You can calculate your lean mass gain. Many people confuse this with muscle, which it is not - it is a combination of anything that is not fat. That means the contents of food in your gut, the water that your muscles may draw in, water you may be retaining in various parts of your body, and muscle. This is why I tell people not to get too caught in the numbers, because you can easily lose/gain 5 pounds of lean mass from food/water alone. It's best to focus on consistent, long term gains and use reliable markers such as the ratio of your biceps circumference to your abs (both flexed).

For example, let's say you started with 16" biceps and a 34" waist, and ended up with 16" biceps and a 32" waist. Here is the ratio:

16:34 = 0.47

16:32 = 0.5

When that ratio goes up, it is a good thing.

On the other hand, if you started with 16" biceps and a 34" waist, and ended up with 15" biceps and a 34" waist, the second ratio would be 0.44 -going down, indicating muscle loss.

You always want this ratio to maintain or go up. That is a positive indicator.

As for computing lean mass, it's like this:

200 pounds @ 10% body fat = 200 x 0.1 = 20 pounds of fat

The rest is lean, so 200 - 20 = 180 pounds lean

Now, let's say we ended up at 205 pounds and 12% body fat.

210 pounds @ 12% body fat = 210 x 0.12 = 25 pounds of fat

The rest is lean, so 210 - 25 = 185 pounds of lean

In this case, you could comfortably say you were gaining lean mass. Whether that was water weight or quality muscle would not be known, but generally this would be a positive movement because you are not gaining more fat than muscle.

How Can I Get Rid Of My Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are thin, stretched skin tissue. They typically appear when you lose weight or put on weight rapidly. Stretch marks contain a normal, upper layer of skin but the lower layers that contain collagen and elastin have become damaged.

There is no specific cure for stretch marks. However, there are many measures you can take to minimize their impact and prevent acquiring new ones.

The first step is not to gain or lose weight too quickly. Usually stretch marks are caused by rapidly gaining weight. When losing weight, it is important to lose weight slowly. When you lose weight too quickly, you risk having an issue with looser, damaged skin. By losing weight at a steady pace, you allow the skin to replenish itself and use its natural elasticity to shrink with your body.

What is a steady pace? Most women can safely lose 0.5% - 1.0% of their body weight each week. Men can lose a little more quickly, from 0.5% - 1.5%.

Losing faster than this can prevent the skin from adapting to the changes in body weight.

You must also nourish the skin from the inside and the outside. Inside, taking a quality multivitamin TOP FORM BASICS is important to supply the body with the materials it needs to repair damaged tissue. Because fats are used to repair cell membranes, especially in the skin, taking the right type of healthy fats TOP FORM BASICS (such as fish oil and flaxseed oil) is also important.

On the outside, quality skin care is important. In addition to regular regimens of the right soaps, shampoos, and lotions, many people report great success with applying cocoa butter on a regular basis.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

THF Spring Time Promotion

Fat Loss vs Weight Loss Seminar Part 5 of 5

Friday, April 25, 2008

Sheri's Success Story

I started the program 3 weeks ago and i think i have had amazing results. I have tried all sorts of diets and nothing quite so personalised and effective. I am a very active person and love the gym but after being diagnosed with a medical problem 10 years ago the medication hormone that i was put on for treatment made me gain
unbelievable weight quickly and i have had trouble fighting it off since. It seems to always be a struggle. A girlfriend of mine put me on to this program as she did this a few years back with Mike Butler and had amazing results. Both of my sister in laws have also done this with amazing results, and my mother in law starts with Mike next week, she's 60 and is really excited to get fit!!! So me and 3 friends all started with Mike the same time and are running a healthy little competition. Who ever loses the most body fat every month gets taken out for their free meal by the other 3. Needless to say i am currently in the lead!!! But much to my dedication and hard work and proper coaching from Mike. I have stuck to his plan to a T.

I had a my first baby 6 months ago and full term was extremely heavy, so after i recovered from a C-Section and was up and walking properly(around 2 weeks) i hit the gym light and watched my calories and at 6 weeks i hit it hard. I was working out 6 days a week, lifting and cardio. I managed to shake 35 pounds on my own in 5 months, 6 weeks before i started with Mike i did Weight Watchers for the first time. It was horrible!!! I only went down 5 pounds cause all they do is weigh you, and if you lose anything they instantly think you have been cheating. So after only 3 weeks with Mike i am happy to say that i'm working out half as often and half as hard, i love working out, i actually look froward to it, and my stats are...

scale - 9.2 pounds
% BF - 3.8%
Fat Mass - 12.81
Lean Body Mass + 3.61

The best thing about this program is that they coach you and empower you to make your own choices and with their help guide you into a healthy lifestyle change. I also love that i meet every week which helps my strive for perfection and stay on track and not only scale weight but fat pinching which then tells you your body fat % and lean
body mass % which is much better then looking at the dreaded scale. When i started 3 weeks ago i was almost 40% body Fat and now i am only just above 35% which means i only have 15% to go which also means i have lost almost a 1/4 of my goal already and i'm stoked. I have never been so excited to get my fat pinched every week, next week we will also do 1 month photos and i cant wait to see the change, i have already dropped a whole dress size!!! Mike gave me a program of 25 weeks but i am way ahead of track so anythings possible. Anyway, thats it for me, i will update in a couple of weeks to let you all know how i am doing.

"Sheri Taylor"

Friday, April 18, 2008

Travis Bradford THF Sucsess Story

Here are my before and after photos and also a photo of myself two years after my THF program. The program gave me the ability to keep the weight off.

I had tried a couple of different diets in the past and they didn’t work, so I went to a weight loss vs. fat loss seminar at Total Health & Fitness to find out what I was doing wrong. I found out that my current diet and exercise routine was ineffective. Then I met with Total Health & Fitness and we discussed and developed a fitness and diet program for me. Early on in the program I found that the food combinations and supplements were very important in developing my success. I also liked how the program taught me how I could add variety to my diet and exercise routine. I didn’t feel like I was eating the same old foods and I wasn’t bored during my workouts. As I started to see results, I became more motivated to push myself just a little more each day. Although the program was not always easy, I learned successful strategies to maintain a healthy weight.

"Travis Bradford"

Saturday, April 12, 2008

No Medication Necessary

Just a quick testimonial about a client of the Brickyard THF office.

Linda A. was instructed by her doctor to start taking medication. Linda was convinced that she did not need the medication and searched to find something else. Linda has been on a THF program for a little over 3 months now and has seen great results. She recently went in for a check up and her doctor had discovered that she had seen great results without medication.

Here are her Cholesterol numbers:

Overall Cholesterol down from 317 in January to 247
LDL - down from 237 to 178
HDL - down from 52 to 50
Triglycerides down from 142 to 97

Total drop of 70 points.

Ratio change from 6.1 to 4.94.

The doctor also said that is significant, the ratio between the good to the overall cholesterol number.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Bloggers Welcome

We would like to get your thoughts and comments about THF. Just send any comments to and we will post them. We know there are a lot of people that would like to share their THF results with others and here is your opportunity. Plus, we love to hear from you anyway.

Our clients and friends have been key to our success, we would love to hear from all of you. Thank you to everyone!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Part 4 Fat Loss vs Weight Seminar

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Local Blogger Taking the THF Challenge

A local blogger from Your Heart Out has been asked to take the Total Health & Fitness Challenge and post her progress each week on her blog. You can track her weekly results via here.

About Your Heart Out blog

Your Heart Out is a blog dedicated to shopping, dining, decorating, entertaining and traveling—generally living your heart out in Salt Lake City. Graphic designer/advertising director Maeve Knickerbocker and fashion/home-design writer Ali Anderson Smith bring you the latest and greatest from the local market with shopping tips, product reviews, store tours and whatever we find that’s just too good to keep to ourselves.

Your Heart Out snoops out hot new restaurants, where to see your new favorite band, the best place to find discount designer jeans, and sweet deals on spa treatments. But we also offer reminders of old SLC favorites like turkey club sandwiches at Emigration Market and short hikes to Lake Mary under a full moon. Look to us to find the best stuff available to big city appetites in a cool little city with a buzz of its own.

Another Great THF Testimonial

Name: Candy Olsen
City and State: Nephi, UT
Consultants Name: Daniel Olsen

My weight loss struggles have been typical, it seems, gradually worsening over the years. I gained weight with each baby (six of them) and typically took about one year to lose the weight. After my fifth, though, I was not able to lose the last ten pounds. When my youngest was about six years old (around 1988), I was about 20 pounds overweight and succeeded in losing that by participation in a local Weight Watchers group. Over the next ten years, I gradually gained weight and did not have the same success I'd previously had with Weight Watchers, probably because there was no local group available then. Finally, through some very extensive caloric restriction, tracking and both cardio and resistance workouts, I lost about 30 pounds and was at my desired weight. That, however, did not last as I gradually gained over the next ten or eleven years. I developed arthritis in my knees. My feet, which have always been problematic, became worse. I was unsuccessful at many exercise plans. I tried many tracking options, similar to what you see in Weight Watchers, but would wear down with just trying the time needed to figure it, measure and track. I would feel worse, rather than better, with most efforts. I just couldn't keep it up. I gained about 70 pounds and felt really down. I'd begun to feel that this was just part of aging process for me and that I would not feel well again.

My friend, Elizabeth, recommended this program to me. She is having great success. I couldn't resist a free consultation. Having been through a lot of discouraging disappointments with my health and my food intake, I just wasn't sure I could succeed in any program, but Daniel Olsen assured me that he could design a plan that I could follow; that he would work to help me discover a plan I could live with for life and would not have to yo-yo through weight loss and gain. He was so convincing that I really wanted to give it a try. Success is more the language I wanted to be talking. Once I saw what Daniel hoped to accomplish and how "reachable" the goal is, I was ready to go. Being able to have my consultations over the telephone is invaluable,both because I live too far away from the facility and because we are often unavailable for a set appointment time in a set place. I can adjust my schedule for the set time, but being in a set place just wouldn't work for me. Phone consultations makes it do-able!

I was unsure how I felt about the set nature of the menus, but I find that it's not difficult to vary things, even with the same basic foods. I like being a bit creative with what I have and find that having set menus really eases the shopping situation and makes planning easy. I like how easy it is to follow the cardio and resistance plans—how well they are diagramed so I can be sure I am doing them right. I like how challenging he keeps the workouts, yet how possible they are to do. I like how Daniel takes time to explain how this works, why we do it the way we do, and where we are going from here. I like being accountable, each and every week, for my behavior. It takes procrastination off the radar.

Daniel is right on time with his consultation phone calls. He's readily available, by e-mail or telephone, for assistance. He's positive and really seems to be happy with my progress. He is knowledgeable, willing to work with my crazy schedule where adjustments to food intake and exercise plans enter in, and likes the challenge of meeting my needs. This program makes me feel healthier, stronger, more in control—and it only took a couple of days for my previous cravings and less healthy feelings began to subside! I was really surprised by that! Those are invaluable elements for me. I am very satisfied with my progress so far.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

I Really Need A Good Fat Burner Because I Don't Have Any Energy.

Some people want to do the bare minimum to get by and eat convenience foods rather than changing their habits to embrace healthier, less processed foods. If you take a quality multi and eat whole foods, you will gain much more energy than eating a highly processed diet and taking fat burners.

What's worse, the jitters you get from the energy tablets are negative side effects. Your adrenaline system is being stressed. Stress creates cortisol and this inhibits fat loss. So you might feel more energetic, but your body is actually in a state of stress and may not be as capable of burning fat as the marketing hype would have you believe.

Finally, your body does adapt to the energy burners. If you continue to take them, you can suffer from over training and fatigue from the over stimulation of your parasympathetic nervous system. If you cycle off of them then you simply lose the energy kick you were receiving and reintroduce the negative side effects when you cycle back on.

What Am I Really Missing By Not Taking A Multivitamin?

There are dozens and dozens of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that can contribute to optimal health. Just as a few examples ...

Vitamin B1, for example, is used in many chemical reactions in the body and is present in every tissue. It helps convert glucose to energy. Deficiency can create neuromuscular, gastrointestinal, and cardiovascular problems.

This is incapable of being produced by the body, and must be present in the diet. Unfortunately, it is one of the most common nutritional deficiencies in humans - a US Dept of Agriculture study reported that 45 percent of Americans consume less than the USRDA.

Calcium is an example of a mineral. It is the most abundant mineral in the body. Beyond bones, calcium affects how nutrients pass through cell walls, is used in muscular contraction and even helps cells bind to each other. The epidemic of Osteoporosis is evidence enough that people are not receiving enough calcium. The Western diet, which is high in saturated fats, salts, animal proteins, and processed sugars creates acidic waste products. This means the body must leech calcium from the bones to form an alkaline environment. Most people mistakenly take on dairy for calcium, not realizing that plants are a more abundant source and dairy actually increases the body's need for calcium, so it's a catch-22.

Those are examples using two sample vitamins and minerals. There are other antioxidants, such as CoQ10, that have been shown to improve cardiovascular health, etc. The issue is that our environment is much more toxic than it was even 100 years ago. Not only do crops yield fewer nutrients, but our body REQUIRES more to combat contaminants in the air, in the soil, in the water supply, and even to combat the stress that we cause in our jobs and fast-paced lifestyle.

Most people try to rationalize their vitamin intake by deciding that they will see if they "feel" a difference and then choose whether to continue or not. The fact is that degenerative disease is an epidemic. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, the second leading cause of death in the year 2000 was lack of exercise and poor diet (not lack of calories, either, Americans over consume calories but are malnourished because the food supply is so processed that vital nutrients are damaged or removed and unavailable). People don't "feel" their arteries clogging even though a large number of adolescents and even young children suffer from atherosclerosis due to the poor diet and toxic environment we live in.

Part 3 of Fat Loss vs Weight Loss Seminar

Are Protein Shakes Essential?

The fact is that you can get everything you need from whole foods. While shakes are great for convenience, they also come at an expense. You want your protein to be released slowly except after a workout, when faster proteins like whey are optimal.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A great THF testimonial

Elizabeth Reinhard

City and State: Nephi, Utah

Consultants Name at Total Health & Fitness: Daniel Olsen

I have struggled with weight loss for 25 years. Every time I lost weight, I would gain it back and then some. I had an especially difficult time after each of my six children were born. With every one, I would gain more weight. I became very depressed about the whole thing, and that only added more pounds on as I turned to food for consolation. I had a very unhealthy relationship with food. I basically used it as an addictive substance. I ate to ease the pain and thus continued to inflict more pain and suffering on myself because of my bad habits. But I desperately wanted to change! I had a brand new baby boy that would need his old mom to be healthy and able to keep up with his youthful exuberance. I wanted to be there for him, and most of all, I wanted to have the energy to enjoy being a mother.

I did not think I could do the Total Health and Fitness Program because I thought I would fail once again. I thought I would not like having someone to report to, because I would want to rebel against whatever the consultant asked me to do. I didn't really believe that it would work for me. I wondered if it was safe to try to lose weight while nursing a baby. I did not think that they had correct information as to what foods are good for you. I really dreaded the thought of having to count calories! I cringed at the idea of sharing with anyone my weight and measurements.

My consultant, Daniel Olsen, put all my concerns to rest. He told me that I was the type of person who had an incredibly strong will and that I could succeed! I found I really had no inclination to rebel against this very kind and sensitive soul who was willing to help me fulfill a goal that had always been impossible to reach. I was very impressed with the extent of his knowledge concerning how our bodies work. I was amazed at the amount of time and effort he put into planning my program for me. I was relieved to learn that I would not have to be counting out the calories. Even though it was initially uncomfortable about sharing information concerning everything but my shoe size, I found him to be very professional. I knew he was "safe" and that I could trust him.

I like how the Total Health and Fitness Program works. It has taken a while for my body to grow accustomed to eating so differently. I had been especially concerned with how the change would affect my ability to produce enough milk for my nursing baby. I really like how Daniel has helped me through by adjusting my program to fit our needs. He figures out exactly what my body requires and makes changes gradually so that I can experience the best results with the least stress. I like how he listens to my concerns and encourages me contact him if I ever have any questions or difficulties. I love the feeling I get from eating good foods and getting proper exercise. (I also love that I get a" free" meal!) It has been very helpful to go to the THF website to learn how to do the exercises properly and print off information about my program. I am thankful that I don't need to go in every week to see him in person, and that we can communicate over the phone and through emails. I know that the knowledge Daniel has shared with me is one of the main keys to my success.

I have lost nearly 30 lbs total weight, and from what my consultant tells me, I have lost even more in pounds of pure fat. (Since I used to have such a love affair with butter, I like to put that weight loss into perspective by telling people how many cubes of butter have lost! = ) I am lighter and stronger and able to move more freely and do things I thought I could never do. My clothes fit better, and some I have even permanently removed from my wardrobe! I look forward to being able to reach my goal to be an active and healthy mother. I know it is within my reach!

Perhaps the most amazing thing about this whole experience is that Daniel Olsen has given me HOPE through the THF Program. You can not put a price tag on that.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Part 1 Fat Loss vs Weight Loss Seminar

Total Health & Fitness on KUTV News

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Good Energy Chocolates

There are many traditional delivery systems such as tablets and capsules to consume your daily supplements. These have obvious strengths but also certain weaknesses. With the recent chocolate health advantages, indulgence can now be validated. Energy Bites chocolate delivery serves as a natural source of desirable antioxidants, natural mild stimulants and functions to trigger brain production or opiates contributing to enhance the sense of well-being. In addition, added nutrients are included and are effectively masked to make taking your needed supplements more pleasurable.

3 Major Functions of Energy Bites:

  • Energy and Burn Fat
  • Appetite Supressession
  • Antioxidants
Carmel and Mint flavors

Should I cut out the carbs?

Cutting carbs is an illusion. It cuts calories (Because carbs have calories) and in addition, because your muscles need carbs, when your muscles lose carbs, it loses water as well. Therefore, you lose lean mass. This creates what appears to be greater weight loss, but really isn't.

There is no need to restrict carbs. It is a very popular trend, but despite popular belief, it's not a new trend, either. There was a low carb craze in the Roman era and there was one at the turn of the century as well. Like all trends and fads, those came and went and the age old axiom of eating clean, whole, unprocessed foods in moderation combined with exercise still reigns supreme.

What about cardio?

Different forms of cardio serve different purposes. You can lose fat using both moderate intensity and high intensity cardio. In fact, if you are looking to kick start fat loss, then chances are your issue is not the exercise you are doing, but nutrition. While it is easier to change the exercises or swap the cardio, it is nutrition that people have the hardest time sticking with but is often the key element that is keeping them from breaking through. You can achieve much more fat loss by manipulating your nutrition than you could your cardio. For example, simply trimming off an ounce from a portion of meat at each meal would save you more calories over a week than adding a full 30 minutes of high intensity cardio. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that cardio is not important. What I am saying is that the right nutrition and the right cardio is the path to your success. To find out more about what is the right kind of nutritional and exercise program, visit us at

Friday, March 14, 2008

Understanding the body/mind connection

As important as what we feed our body, are the thoughts we feed our mind. What we think and what we eat, combined together make us what we are physically and mentally.

Here's another good one:
Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change. How do these comments apply to health and fitness you ask? Positive affirmation is vital for your health. The Universe responds to "I AM" statements like a genie in a bottle. Proper nutrition, exercise and positive affirmation is key to body, mind and soul empowerment!

"Joni Fairbourn"
Exercise and Nutrition Consultant
11075 South State Street Suite 17
Sandy, Utah 84070

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

How could I possibly ever be happy with my body or me?

Listen to the conversations you have with yourself and start to realize they are negative and turn them around. Self-esteem is your ability to deliver on your self-promises, but self-image is simply your perception of yourself. Changing both is easy, but takes time - Examples:

Simply choose the new image and focus on it daily. Repetition and results can create faith and belief.

For the self-esteem, start honoring your own promises. You'll be amazed at how confident you become when you don't sell yourself short.

I just don't have time to live healthy.

It's not an impossible schedule, you are just choosing it to be. Everyone has the same hours in the day. If a woman I know whose husband was recovering from brain surgery could take care of him, teach him how to walk and talk and rehabilitate him, raise her children, work full time, run a part-time coaching practice and lose over 100 pounds at the same time, I know you can, too, if you choose.

There are always challenges, the key is to live in the solution. The keys are going to be to find what little time you have during the week and focus on that to prepare meals that are "grab and go" throughout the week.
The other challenge is to really focus on time management and organization. The Total Health & Fitness program can help you become better at time management and life preparation.

You can succeed just by planning 15 - 30 minutes each day. It may seem impossible but let's face it, without a plan you really can't succeed.

Rest is important, but at times, it doesn't have to be the main priority. You can cut into 15 or 30 minutes of rest and create that time to manage your coming day.

The human body can do amazing things when pushed to reveal it's inner power, and this should not be a condition for the rest of your life.

Why is drinking water important for losing fat?

Oxidation of fat creates waste products. You need water to help flush them. The reaction that uses fat for fuel also involves water, so if you are dehydrated, there is a chance you won't burn as much fat. When you train, you deplete your muscles of glycogen.

The only way for glycogen to get back into the muscle is through glucose bound to water, so without enough water, you won't get the fuel to your muscles that need it. Water is what the body uses to manipulate the charge inside and outside of the cell to drive nutrients and and waste products out.

Without water, you are potentially not delivering the nutrients your body needs to burn fat.

Monday, February 25, 2008

How many calories do I need to burn to lose a pound of fat?

3500 calories is the rough estimate for the energy contained in one pound of fat. This means that to lose one pound per week, you must create a deficit of 3500 calories per week. Since a week as 7 days, that means a deficit of 3500 / 7 = 500 calories per day.

This is a great starting point. The reality is much more complex .. for example, 3500 calories will not produce a pound of muscle, it actually takes more than that, but as a general rule of thumb, it gives you a starting point and then you can play with the numbers from there.

To really appreciate the power of losing even a pound of fat, visit and find out interesting facts on what you need to do to lose fat and keep it off.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

President's Challenge Week 5 1/2

Rough Week.

It has been a rough week and a half. It has been rough enough for me to be late on posting a picture. It was rough enough that I am working even harder at the gym to get results, but my meals have been slacking horribly! (Pizza 2 times, McDonald's 2 times) No one to blame but myself! To start the week off, my wife and daughter were sick. I know I was bragging that I hadn't been sick for like 2 years, but I guess I forgot to knock on wood, cause sure enough I got sick. I also had 2 horrible migraines, one gave me quite an ab workout. (if you know what I mean). We also had one of our best employees quit! I know that I hear excuses all the time as a consultant, but I really do not have anyone to blame. Things like this happen. The people that are successful, are the ones that lick their wounds and go back to work. If there is one thing that I love to get across to clients is to never ever give up. Really, only wimps give up! I still remember my ninth grade football coach's advice to this day. "winners never quit, and quitters never win" these are simple but priceless words! I am super dedicated to reach my goal! Even though I do not know what the future holds, I know one thing, and that is never quit!

Here are my recent stats:

Weight 199
Percent Body-Fat 14.3%
Total Lean gain this week 0

Total Fat loss this week 1.3lbs

Running total:

Lean gain 5lbs

Total Fat loss 1.5lbs

p.s. I know I am still white! I went to tan the other day, and the place that I had my pass, just up and left without telling anyone. They took my money and split. I think I will just resort to the tan in the bottle. It is healthier anyway!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Orem Total Health & Fitness Sponsorship

The Orem Total Health & Fitness is sponsoring a Utah Valley Fat Loss Challenge. Check out the web site It is open to the public and is a great way to promote health and fitness. 

President's Challenge Week 4

This first month has gone as well as I could have hoped for. I do have to say that at times it's difficult to eat 7 times a day. It's hard to make time to eat and often times during meetings I am excusing myself to go grab a bite to eat to stay on task with my program. (In reality I am out scarfing down a protein bar).

With the progression of the THF program, I will start to incorporate a little cardio next week, and focus now on losing a little more fat. I really think the supplements I was taking for muscle gain helped a lot. I love Glutamine powder. (
Topform Supplements) I also really love the multi-vitamin, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids. It seems everyone around me is getting a cold but me! thank you Topform:

Weight 203
Body fat percentage 14.6%

Total Lean gained in one month 7.8lbs

Total Fat loss 0.6lbs

Thursday, January 31, 2008

President's Challenge Workout Partner

Here is my workout partner.
This is Rick Moon our accountant here at THF. These pictures are 1 month a part. His stats for 1 month:
He started his weight at 210.6. In one month his weight went to 203.6, so He lost 6 lbs on the scale. His body fat started at 25.2% and at one month is 22.5 %. He lost 2.7 %. He lost 7.3 lbs of fat! Congratulations Rick!

Week 3 President's Challenge

Week 3 is complete

My week 3 statistics are:
Weight:201.2 Bodyfat %: 15.3%
My lean mass has increased just under 5 pounds. I feel that 5 pounds for three weeks is pretty good. I haven't been able to be the best at the program. Business is really taking off. I have a pretty busy day with meetings etc, but when I plan, it is easy. When I do not plan, that is when I struggle. Probably the most difficult thing for me so far, is to drink enough water. Water is so critical to health, muscle gain, and fat - loss. Today has been better. I instituted the chug principle. Whenever I look at my water bottle, I chug as much water as I can handle. So if there is anything that I can say of importance, it is to "Drink water!"

Friday, January 25, 2008

New Top Form Website

Check out our new Top Form website.

Top Form supplements are the best addition to any healthy lifestyle and here at Total Health & Fitness we recommend these products to our clients to ensure them the best results from a great service and product. You can order these products online and become educated on all Top Form has to offer.

Remember to check out the Energy Bites, they're amazing.

Monday, January 21, 2008

President's Challenge Update

Week 2 is complete!

My weight was 197.6 and my body fat was 15.2% so running total for 2 weeks is an increase of 2 pounds on the scale, a drop of 0.1% body fat. This may not sound like a lot, but my lean mass has increased by 2 pounds in 2 weeks.

The important thing to remember with this in following and running a good program, is that it is not what the scale says. If I were to go by the scale, I wouldn't know if the weight that I have gained was fat, or muscle, or even if the program is working. I know that in order to increase my metabolism, I have to have a couple of weeks where I put lean mass on, and that means I might even gain weight. However it is interesting to know that 1 pound of lean muscle can burn 30 to 50 extra calories a day at rest, and when that muscle is working, it is burning even more. So lets just say the first part of any program should be the metabolism overhaul! It is frustrating to me when clients feel that they have to lose weight on the scale fast when they start a program.

Our program is designed to increase metabolism, and in order to do
that some amount of lean mass needs to be put on!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Great Job Vegas!

Check out Las Vegas spot on Channel 5 News.

Click Here - News Clip

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Week One Results of the President's Challenge

Week one is out of the way. My goal here was to get back to following the rules of nutrition.

  • 1. Eating every 2 to 3 hours.
  • 2. Having a protein, carb, and fat with each meal.
  • 3. Eat more when I am more active, and less when I am less active.
I also wanted to get back to working out. I started basic, 3 sets of 10, to just start moving again. I didn't expect to see a lot of results this week, just to start moving. However next week my goal is to increase lean mass! Here are my first week statistics.

195lbs on the scale. 15.5 percent body fat. So I lost a pound on the scale, and basically stayed the same on bodyfat. So the get back in the swing of things is over, and this next week the goal is to put on lean mass.

Side note, I need to start working on the tan!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

It is Starting!

Well, here it is. I hope you have your sunglasses on. Don't adjust your screen. I am a whitey white! I guess when you don't see the sun a lot, that is what happens. Don't worry. I will start tanning. I can totally believe that I look the way I do. I was eating fast food, all the time. I was eating cookies before bed, and my wife bought these chocolate things that were way intelligent. If you walked by the bag with your mouth open, they would jump right in your mouth. Can you believe that? No if ands or buts about it, I am a hypocrite.
The thing I want to prove, is that it is nobody's fault but my own. I think to many times in society, people want a quick fix. They want things now, and if they don't get things quickly, they start looking for excuses. Well no excuses. It is time to get back. I want to get in best shape of my life. Not superficial shape, where I am totally ripped. I am talking about I can run forever, climb the highest mountain, and seriously kick some butt!
I will through out this thing, give hints and tips, from years of experience that I have had with clients. I will probably tie a lot of the things I am doing to science and research.
Anyway Here are my starting statistics, and goals.
Weight: 195.6 Fat percentage: 15.3% Lean Mass: 165.6 Fat Mass: 30
Body Composition Goals
Weight: 190 Fat Percentage: 6% Lean Mass: 178.6 Fat Mass: 11.4
Total Weight Loss 5.6lbs. Total Fat Loss 18.6lbs Total Lean Gain 13lbs

Monday, January 7, 2008

Total Health & Fitness President's Challenge.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Mike Butler. I am the President and co-founder of Total Health & Fitness. I am almost 33 years old (March.) I am married to the love of my life Rachel, and I have a beautiful 9 and a half month old daughter, Ava Elle. We are also expecting a son (80 % sure, still early) in July. The pictures you see here are the roots of my body transformation history, and the roots of my passion with health and fitness. The 1st picture is obviously my before picture. The 2nd picture is at 12 weeks, and the 3rd picture is a year later. I went from 8 percent body fat to 3 percent body fat in 12 weeks. I was able to maintain 5 percent body fat a year later. I was young, 25 years old and stress free. I was also in great shape. Ha! Ha! Well time has passed, and I took most of my focus off of myself and put it into our business. I have decided that it is time, time to get back in shape, not just for myself, but for my family. I hope that my journey back will inspire and educate. I will document my progress weekly and post as much helpful information that I can. I will start by posting my new before picture (UGG!) and my first weeks results etc this week. (Only if you promise not to laugh!!!!)

Best of State 2007

Total Health & Fitness has been awarded as best of state for 2007 for Health and Nutrition. Great job to all of our consultants and thank you to all of our clients that have succeeded with their goals. We wouldn't be where we are without your help and support.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Good Energy Chocolates

There are many traditional delivery systems such as tablets and capsules to consume your daily supplements. These have obvious strengths but also certain weaknesses. With the recent chocolate health advantages, indulgence can now be validated. Energy Bites chocolate delivery serves as a natural source of desirable antioxidants, natural mild stimulants and functions to trigger brain production or opiates contributing to enhance the sense of well-being. In addition, added nutrients are included and are effectively masked to make taking your needed supplements more pleasurable.

3 Major Functions of Energy Bites:

  • Energy and Burn Fat
  • Appetite Supressession
  • Antioxidants
Visit one of our 7 locations to experience an unbelievable healthy chocolate.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

What We Do

Here at Total Health & Fitness we are a team of Nutrition Exercise Consultants that provide detailed, high quality professional guidelines for those interested in fat loss, muscle-gain, firming, toning, and sports-specific goals such as basketball, football, and competitive running. We are not a gym, we provide exercise education through demonstration and seminars. Our clients are not required to have a gym membership, meaning they can workout at home, at the office, or at any gym of their choice. We also do long distance training over the phone for people that are interested in our services and are not located close to one of our 7 locations.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Years Resolutions

It's the time of year where you begin to make decisions on how the new year "will be different!"

Here at Total Health & Fitness we can help you succeed at reaching your fitness and nutrition goals. We are professional nutrition and exercise consultants, teaching you the skills to lose that unwanted fat and change that unhealthy lifestyle. We have a unlimited resources that can get you to "Discover Life."

Call our office now and speak with one of our consultants and begin your journey to a healthier you. Or visit our website and order a copy of our DVD to obtain the secrets of losing fat and keeping it off.

801 858 3725