Monday, March 16, 2009

Protein shake or Meal Replacement

Any assumption about a protein shake
before sleep is correct.

As for post-workout, this is not entirely true. There is no sudden burst of muscle-making after a workout. Building muscle tissue is a 24-hour process, so getting adequate protein throughout the day is far more critical than the window after a workout
. You simply need a few grams of protein to replace what was burned as energy and you're good to go. The most important nutrient after a workout is carbohydrate. While muscle rebuilding takes place over 24 - 72 hours following a workout, there is a window of a few hours where your muscles are "primed" to take in carbohydrates that were depleted during training. For this reason, you'll find the more superior-formulated post-workout shakes (i.e. Top Form Meal Replacement) contain about a 2:1 carb-protein ratio to supply just enough protein but plenty of carbohydrate to refuel your muscles.

Aside from perhaps extra protein (and again, getting it from whole food sources is superior, but if you are having trouble consuming adequate protein from whole foods, then supplementing is certainly fine) a quality multi is beneficial, not a topic for this thread, if you search, you'll see tons of conversations about this (Men's and Woman's Mutlivitamin).

For your protein before bed, I do Top Form Only Whey combined with some sort of fiber or high quality fat. You want something slower-relasing, like a whole food protein or if you get a shake, a blend that contains some casein, perhaps hydrolyzed beef plasma, etc. We use a brand from Top Form Nutrition Supplements, a top quality blend that tastes incredible.

Monday, March 2, 2009

What Is Spot Reduction?

The question often arises with clients about losing fat in a specific part of their body. They want to know if they do crunches will they lose belly fat? The answer is maybe but unlikely. You see spot reduction is not real. Working certain muscles will not burn fat around those muscles. Your body burns fat where it is going to burn fat...meaning genetics will determine where on your body you burn the fat from. We know however that large muscle groups like your legs, chest, and back will burn a lot of overall calories which in turn means burning fat. This is why it is important to use large muscle groups in a fat loss program. Working small individual muscles is fine, but you need to make sure your foundation to your weight training is the large muscle groups!